Paisley Raye Amethyst Kimono!

Ya'll. This winter has been BRUTAL here in WI. My husband and I have thought at least 100 times that we should move. I also, embarrassingly, have thrown a temper tantrum after having to shovel AGAIN for the gazillionth time. 

But spring is coming. (It just needs to get here sooner!) Paisley Raye created this Amethyst for many reasons, but one major reason: SPRING FEVER.*

The Paisley Raye Amethyst is gorgeous, bohemian kimono with a traditional kimono sleeve cuff detail. The Paisley Raye Amethyst is incredibly drapey and easy to wear oversized! It's also super lightweight! 

I'm personally so excited for this piece because it's SO easy to layer and I can see myself wearing it in EVERY season!

...In the winter: I'm going to wear this baby over the Snowdrop sweater!

...In the summer (it makes me so happy to think of summer!): Amethyst Kimono is going to the beach as my cover-up! 

...In the fall and spring: JEANS. Throw this on over a graphic tee and jeans and you have the perfect outfit! 

The Paisley Raye Amethyst Kimono costs $43.00 (plus taxes and shipping) is coming soon to Trunk and Ivory! Be sure to join my mailing list and facebook group to snag one of the beauties before they are gone! 

How would you rock this gorgeous Kimono?

*They actually created the Kimono because Christi, the head designer, loves a good Kimono NOT because they have Spring Fever. They are in LA, the weather is great there. (It's one of the many places we considered moving too)

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