Paisley Raye Poppy T-shirt Dress -Floral Pink- Size 3X By, Trunk and Ivory, Shop now at

Paisley Raye Poppy T-shirt Dress -Pink Floral- Size 3X

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The Paisley Raye Poppy T-shirt dress is a beautiful T-Shirt Dress! Poppy is a swing Hi-Low dress with 10'' sleeves and she doesn't have pockets BUT she does fit your curves beautiful to make you look GORGEOUS! 

The Paisley Raye Poppy is a great dress to throw on quick when you have a hot date or when you're looking for something that's business casual! Poppy is perfect for teachers or moms who are on the floor with kiddos and need some stretch! This could easily be worn more casual (think: some converse chucks!) or dress up (think: flats with a gorgeous long necklace)!


Trunk and Ivory offers the Paisley Raye Poppy T-Shirt Dress in sizes XS-3XL (0-26).